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New experience of green environmental protection: TPE artificial grass environmental protection particles

Artificial turf filling particles, as a small part of the entire artificial turf court, play a big role:

The presence of filler particles can optimize the impact absorption and friction of the artificial turf court, while protecting the artificial turf. When goalkeepers make saves, defenders make tackles, etc., artificial grass filling particles can also avoid skin contusions. Therefore, artificial grass filling particles are essential and functional accessories with important functions.

In the past, the common artificial grass filling particles mainly include "black particles" and "color rubber particles". The former is currently the most common filling particles. The reason why it is called "black particles" is because it is a secondary product that uses The pellets produced by cutting and desulfurizing waste tires have the advantages of low price and strong versatility. "Colored rubber particles" are mainly EPDM particles, which are more common on the runway and are the main component of the elastic layer of the runway. They have excellent physical properties, and have a variety of colors and are beautiful and generous.

New experience of green environmental protection: TPE artificial grass environmental protection particles(图1)

However, these currently common artificial grass filling particles have many drawbacks. As a secondary recycling product, "black particles" have mixed sources and uncontrollable internal components, and the tire particles inevitably contain plasticizer oil ( Weichmacher-?le), and this oil contains a variety of carcinogens, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and many use sulfur as a vulcanizing agent, which has a great taste (polyzyklische aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe, PAK for short). As a result of vulcanization, EPDM particles generally have a higher odor. Using high-quality EPDM particles can alleviate this problem, but the cost is not very cost-effective.

Encyclopedia: As a volatile carbon and oxygen compound, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are an important environmental and food pollutant. So far, more than 200 PAKs have been discovered, of which quite a few are carcinogenic, such as benzoαpyrene and benzoαanthracene. PAK is widely distributed in our living environment, and any place where organic matter is processed, discarded, burned or used may produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. (International Cancer Research Center (IARC) (1976) listed 94 compounds that are carcinogenic to laboratory animals. 15 of them are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, because benzo[a]pyrene is the first environmental chemical carcinogen discovered , And it is very carcinogenic, so benzo(a)pyrene is often used as a representative of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which account for 1%-20% of all carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.)

The initial understanding of the harm of "black particles" in China lies in the "poisonous runway" incident in 15-16 years. At the same time, in football and its fiery European regions, a 7-month detailed investigation of "black particles" was also conducted. : And in October 2016, through a documentary called "Dangerous Game" (Dutch: Gevaarlijk Spel), the research results were broadcast on the Dutch VARA TV station. The 37-year-old reporter RoeLOFBosma (RoeLOFBosma) It is pointed out that rubber particles (Gummi-Granulat) derived from waste tires are widely used in artificial grasslands and pose a risk of cancer.

After discovering that "black particles" may cause serious cancer-causing problems, some companies began to replace artificial grass filler particles and chose EPDM particles as filler particles, effectively avoiding the risk of cancer. However, the high-quality EPDM particles are more expensive, and cannot be recycled and reused. The problems of easy pulverization and yellowing also deeply trouble a large number of artificial turf court manufacturers. Then there is no material that can perfectly fit the artificial turf pitch or football?

The answer is yes. In November 18th, the new national standard for the runway was officially implemented, which imposed strict regulations on ball courts, especially artificial turf courts, which required both physical and chemical properties, and for the first time regulated artificial turf particles. The glue content is required to be greater than 20% and many polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons cannot be detected. Under the new national standard, EPDM particles have become increasingly difficult to adapt to artificial turf courts, so TPE particles have emerged.

TPE artificial grass environmental protection particles are necessary components for artificial grass courts to enhance the service life of artificial grass, improve the physical performance of the field and exercise experience.

TPE artificial grass environmental protection particles have the following advantages:

High environmental protection

Very low TVOC, no sulfides, 16 kinds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic compounds, no obvious odor, and meets the requirements of the national standard. Thermoplastic materials can be recycled and reused after recycling. Compared with EPDM particles, they have obvious advantages in recycling and reuse.

Strong weather resistance

Through high temperature plasticity, it has strong resistance to ultraviolet yellowing and oxidative aging, which can protect the artificial grass floor from external factors to the greatest extent.

Optimal structure

After years of sports floor construction and research on sports mechanics, a new structural system developed and constructed for the study of sports forces and mechanical properties. This structure can be firmly attached to the artificial turf, while the TPE material can reduce Provides excellent rebound and impact absorption performance under the premise of material weight.

TPE artificial grass filling particles, as a new type of particle product, has a wide range of applications:

Football field, baseball field, softball field, golf course, olive courage, tennis court artificial Fuping, kindergarten, Wuding greening, outdoor leisure lawn, window background, special craft bureau, etc.

As a green and environmentally friendly pellet product, the emergence of TPE pellets means that in the field of sports flooring, the pace of technological R&D conversion to finished products is gradually accelerating, from the labor-intensive industry at the beginning to the transformation of refined production and order-based production. Let us look forward to the performance of TPE particles in the field of sports flooring.

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